Business Applications

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) invested more than USD250 billion in business applications in 2023, and we expect this investment to continue to increase.

The business applications module analyses spending across 28 business application categories, providing insights into market size and forecasts. This module explores opportunities for IT service and software providers to promote their solutions and services, assisting them in making informed, long-term strategic decisions.

We can provide you with robust fact-based insights into the strategic questions that you need to answer.

The Business Applications module provides you with the following.

Data-driven fact-based forecast information on 28 business applications categories and added-value insights split by:

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Business applications categories covered

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Business applications On-premises and licensed software Accounting/financial (on-premises) Business intelligence (on-premises)
Customer relationship management (CRM) (on-premises) Email (on-premises)
Enterprise content management Enterprise resource planning (ERP) (on-premises)
Human resources (HR) (on-premises) Line-of-business (LOB) software (on-premises)
Payroll (on-premises) Point-of-sales (POS) (on-premises)
Productivity (on-premises) Project management (on-premises)
Quotes and invoicing (on-premises) Travel and expenses (on-premises)
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Accounting/financial (SaaS) Business intelligence (SaaS)
CRM (SaaS) Email (SaaS)
ERP (SaaS) HR (SaaS)
LOB software (SaaS) Marketing automation
Payroll (SaaS) POS (SaaS)
Productivity (SaaS) Project management (SaaS)
Quotes and invoicing (SaaS) Travel and expenses (SaaS)