Government and Military Space


This programme assesses how countries are investing in space, and identifies market drivers and restraints. We examine emerging trends and opportunities in a regional context from the core government and military market segments through to the up-and-coming innovations and priorities, presenting strategic commentary to enable space market engagement and growth.


  • Emerging and established market landscape. Navigating nation state goals and priorities to identify growing opportunities by theme and location to optimise engagement.
  • Commercial or government/military satellite communications. Exploring the growth potential in core markets. 
  • Innovation trends. Examining innovations, such as non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellites, artificial intelligence (AI) or positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), and how players are approaching them.

Questions answered

  • How can service operators and providers capture new business potential?  
  • How large is the space revenue opportunity?
  • How are geopolitical instabilities affecting the outlook for this market?
  • What innovations are driving engagement by government and military customers?
  • Which segments will drive growth and where?
  • How do different geographical regions vary in their approach to space sector investment?

Programme head Sarah Halpin

Sarah Halpin Analyst, expert in space and satellite

The pulse of the satellite industry: questions and answers for senior executives 2024

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