Satellite Mobility


Connecting planes, ships and vehicles on the move is the growth opportunity underlying most geostationary (GEO) investment plans today. Starlink, SES’s mPower, Eutelsat’s OneWeb, Amazon Kuiper and others are also relying on connectivity on the move as a key building block for their success.

This programme explores the dynamics occurring in real time as legacy ecosystems are confronted with transformative non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) offerings. Explore the decisions that must be made now for players to move from survive to thrive.


  • Monetisation beyond the megabit per second. Using satellite infrastructure to navigate the transformation from connectivity vendor to solution provider.
  • Multi-dimensional networks. Exploring what is required to connect things on the move with what is up in space across bands, orbits and owners.
  • Autonomous vehicles. The role that satellite-based connectivity will play in the lucrative autonomous vehicles market.

Questions answered

  • How big is the revenue opportunity?
  • Has Starlink already won the competition for maritime low-Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity and is there room for multiple LEO providers?
  • Can service providers survive (and thrive) without owning assets in space?
  • Which business models are winning the connected passenger experience?
  • Where are the greenfield opportunities for satellite connectivity on the move?

Programme head Kerry Vincent-Viry

Kerry Vincent-Viry Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite

The pulse of the satellite industry: questions and answers for senior executives 2023