Global Core Data

Analysys Mason's Global Core Data research programme has two key elements: global telecoms forecasts (GTF) and global operator financial KPIs (FinKPIs). Together they provide essential tools for business and investment planning, financial modelling and successful strategy development.

Our GTF data provides a top-level, worldwide view of the most-critical telecoms forecast metrics.

Our FinKPIs dataset is available in Analysys Mason's DataHub and provides a one-stop source for financial KPIs as reported by telecoms operators (revenue, capex, EBITDA etc).


  • 5-year forecasts of more than 175 mobile and fixed KPIs for worldwide totals and for each of the eight regions (Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP), emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP), Latin America (LATAM), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), North America (NA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Western Europe (WE)), produced from robust and proven regional modelling engines
  • Thorough understanding of telecoms dynamics in each region, checked by on-the-ground market experts from our Research and Consulting divisions
  • Rigorous and timely quarterly data collection of financial performance metrics from over 400 operators in more than 75 countries, available in Analysys Mason's DataHub
  • Data is available in quarterly, half-yearly and annual time periods, according to operator reporting conventions, and are normalised to calendar years for ease of comparison
  • Analysys Mason's DataHub has an intuitive interface, making comparisons and benchmarking analysis easy to perform
  • Regular comments on the financial results of key telecoms operators.

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