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Network telemetry: assuring service quality and driving network automation in software-defined networks

08 January 2020 | Research

Anil Rao William Nagy

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (9 slides) | Automated Assurance

"Network telemetry provides real-time network performance data, thereby allowing CSPs to react quickly, predict service quality degradations and drive closed-loop network automation."

Enterprises are increasingly demanding real-time, always-on digital services with guaranteed quality. To meet this demand, communications service provider (CSPs) are deploying advanced software-defined and virtualised networks that increase service agility and real-time control.

This report provides:

  • the context for why traditional network monitoring techniques are insufficient for new-generation networks
  • an explanation of why should CSPs consider network telemetry (NT) for real-time network monitoring and predictive operations
  • recommendations for CSPs on what factors they should consider when operationalising NT
  • a summary of the key vendors providing NT technology.

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