Analysys Mason Quarterly Jul-Sep 2016

26 July 2016

Bram Moerman


Thought leadership included in this edition

Permissionless innovation with blockchain technologyPermissionless innovation with blockchain technology: computer says yes

There is currently much interest in using and building on blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin, and regulators and governments will have to adapt to this change.

The business case for satellite life extensionThe business case for satellite life extension: running on empty

Most satellites are retired not because of component failure but because they run out of fuel for their thrusters. Space tugs offer a simpler alternative to re-fuelling satellites in orbit.

Key drivers of investment in European data centresKey drivers of investment in European data centres

There are a number of key internal and external drivers of value when deciding to invest in a data centre business. In this article, we discuss some of the most important external market drivers for co-location businesses.

Politician displays naked (DSL) ambitionPolitician displays naked (DSL) ambition

Most consumers do not realise that broadband without voice line rental would be almost the same price as current double-play packages that include voice line rental.

Growing interest in dronesDrones could provide operators with both a new market and new insights on driverless cars

Interest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones is growing in the telecoms sector. Operators and vendors are exploring their potential roles in providing connectivity and other services to the drone market.

OTT’s VoD and TV servicesOTT’s VoD and TV services are changing traditional TV’s business models and retail pricing dynamics

The widespread use of IP distribution is driving the transformation of TV services worldwide. This is prompting changes to content production and TV content monetisation business models.