Active testing techniques can help communications service providers to improve the customer experience

25 February 2020 | Research

Article | Automated Assurance

"Active testing solutions can improve the customer experience by enhancing customer care interactions, improving the customer self-service experience and measuring service quality on an ongoing basis."

Digital service providers (DSPs) such as Amazon, Google and Netflix have reshaped customer expectations by delivering excellent customer experience and personalised services. DSPs are more responsive to customer demands than communications service providers (CSPs); DSPs are constantly launching new services and features. DSPs also provide a more modern 'digitalised' experience overall. Customers expect similar experiences from their CSPs, and tend to gravitate towards CSPs that offer the best-in-class customer experience.

In this article, Anil Rao, Principal Analyst, assesses to what extent CSPs can use active testing techniques to improve the customer experience.

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