HPE is divesting its BSS products and staff to focus on its core OSS propositions

28 May 2024 | Research

Justin van der Lande

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"HPE is tidying up its portfolio and increasing its focus on infrastructure and networking."


HCLTech announced, on 23 May 2024, that it is set to acquire key business support systems (BSS) assets from Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) Communications Technology Group (CTG) for USD225 million. HCLTech will obtain HPE’s BSS and integration software applications and related staff as part of the deal, thereby enhancing its telecoms services offering and expanding its professional services capabilities. HPE is positioning the move as a strategic refocus on its core operations support systems (OSS) applications and networking solutions (which are part of HPE Aruba Networking).

Approximately 1500 CTG employees in China, India, Italy, Japan and Spain will transfer to HCLTech as part of the acquisition; this represents about 2.5% of HPE’s total workforce. The breakdown of numbers in each country has not been provided, but it is notable that US staff will not be affected by the deal.


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Justin van der Lande

Research Director