Orange Business has invested more than most operators in cloud and security, yielding strong results

03 July 2023 | Research

Matt Small

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Enterprise Services

"Orange’s cyber security strategy has delivered strong revenue growth in recent years, but operating Cyberdefense as a separate business unit may not be effective for its SASE proposition."


Orange Business’s overall message for its Hello! World 2023 event, for some of its largest enterprise customers, was how it can help its customers navigate the rapid economic and technological changes in the world using its specialties in connectivity, cloud and cyber security.

Cloud, cyber security and SASE were the main topics that Orange Business discussed and, while we believe that these are areas that can deliver operators high revenue growth rates, we think Orange Business’s overall message could have been improved further. Orange Cyberdefense, Orange’s cyber-security subsidiary, exists as an independent unit from Orange Business and, although this has worked well for Orange to date, Orange will need to demonstrate how it can support a converged SASE proposition moving forward. Additionally, Orange Business could have done more to highlight to its customers what it is doing to support them with their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.