Ericsson: AI and analytics

15 January 2020 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Company profile | PPTX and PDF (11 slides) | Data, AI and Development Platforms| Telecoms Software Market Shares

"Ericsson is using AI and analytics to help provide better products for its customers and to automate complex managed services engagements."

Simply having an understanding of AI and analytics software tools is not sufficient for transforming established processes; installed applications need to be receptive to acting on data-driven insights. Ericsson's deep industry knowledge and market position are enabling it to take its AI and analytics tools and apply them effectively to real-world situations in the telecoms industry. Ericsson’s managed services are greatly benefitting from the approach.

This company profile provides:

  • a company summary
  • a summary of the company's financial information
  • analysis of the company's strategic direction
  • a list of the company's key acquisitions and mergers
  • a summary of the company's products
  • an overview of significant customers
  • analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


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