VMware by Broadcom: RAN cloud infrastructure

13 June 2024 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Company profile | PPTX and PDF (2 slides) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies| Telecoms Software Market Shares


VMware has established strong market credentials through its Open RAN deployment with DISH and offers the most extensive portfolio of cloud infrastructure, automation and service assurance solutions for vRAN/Open RAN deployments among independent cloud software providers. Telco Cloud Platform RAN is VMware’s main cloud platform offering for RAN. It consists of a performance-optimised infrastructure, real-time OS (Photon OS) and K8s-based CaaS components. 

Information included in this report

  • Overview of VMware's RAN cloud solutions strategy
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of that strategy


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Gorkem Yigit

Research Director