Creating the next-generation telecoms operations platform

21 December 2021 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Perspective | PDF (18 pages) | Automated Assurance| Service Design and Orchestration

"Next-generation operations systems and staff need to address six areas if they are to make a success of 5G: modelling, automation, service assurance, applying telecoms knowledge, creating an open ecosystem and providing a reliable DevOps environment."


Next-generation operations systems need to address the multi-domain and dynamic infrastructure on which increasingly complex services are being offered. Without a significant change in the level of automation being applied to operations systems, innovation on 5G and other services will be greatly reduced because they will be too complex to deliver. Next-generation operations systems must be built on widely understood established technology but should be integrated and applied to the specific needs of telecoms operations functions. There is common agreement on six areas that next-generation operations systems and staff need to MASTER.

  • The platform must have data at its core to enable Modelling, analytics and other AI capabilities to be delivered around a comprehensive telecoms-focused data model.
  • The systems need to support hyper-Automations using process automation tools applied with insights and cross functional and multi-domain integrations.
  • Service assurance is needed for the new deterministic connectivity that is required to support new 5G enterprise services and hyperscale enterprise services.
  • Telecoms knowledge must be applied at each stage along with data to guide automations.
  • An open platform needs to be created, around which an Ecosystem of partners can work using open standards.
  • The platform needs a Reliable, trusted DevOps development environment where the vendor, their customers and ultimately their partners in the ecosystem can create applications.

Mastering each of these areas requires not only technology and development capabilities of vendors, but also the active participation of operators and their willingness to implement radical changes to their processes.

This report outlines the challenges and elements of solutions that are needed to support the operations processes that operators need to master if they are to make a success of 5G and its new complex enterprise services.

Creating the next-generation telecoms operations platform

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