SMB cyber-security spending worldwide: trends and forecasts overview 2020–2025

15 June 2021 | Research

Forecast report | PDF | Cyber Security


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This report provides an overview of Analysys Mason’s forecasts for small and medium-sized business (SMB) spending on cyber-security solutions and services. It outlines the major market trends related to spend by geographical region, route to market and solution/service category.

The report answers a range of questions, including the following.

  • Which geographical region accounts for the largest share of SMB spending on cyber security worldwide, and how will this change in the period to 2025?
  • How will the share of SMB cyber-security spending through managed services providers (MSPs) change in the next 5 years?
  • How will the role of telecoms operators change in this market?
  • Do SMBs spend more on managed security services or network security solutions?
  • What is driving the growth in SMB spending on managed security services?
  • Why do we expect SMB spending on mobile security and identity and access management solutions to grow so quickly in the period to 2025?

Our forecast information will be of interest to security vendors, their channel partners (including MSPs, systems integrators and telecoms operators) and other technology vendors that serve the SMB cyber-security market now or plan to in the future.




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