Public 5G enterprise services: operator case studies and analysis

03 October 2023 | Research

Catherine Hammond

Case studies report | PPTX and PDF (29 slides) | Enterprise Services

"34 years after launching 5G networks, very few commercial enterprise propositions have yet emerged."


This report outlines 11 propositions for public 5G enterprise services, focusing on those closest to commercial launch. The report also provides recommendations for operators aiming to monetise public 5G services in the longer term.

Key questions answered in this report

  • Which public 5G enterprise use cases have already reached commercial launch?
  • Which public 5G enterprise use cases offer the best prospects for future commercial launches at scale?
  • To what extent are the capabilities being developed for these early use cases also applicable to other potential solutions?

Case studies

  • BT: immersive spaces
  • Deutsche Telekom: live broadcasts
  • Deutsche Telekom: remote driving
  • Ooredoo (Qatar): surveillance
  • Singtel: platform for public MEC
  • Telefónica: drones
  • Telstra: network slicing
  • TIM: smart cities
  • T-Mobile USA: FWA
  • T-Mobile USA: industry solutions for retail
  • Verizon: 5G public MEC


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Catherine Hammond

Research Director