Connected cars: six operator strategy case studies

21 March 2024 | Research

Simon Sherrington | Erik Ottosson

Case studies report | PPTX and PDF (18 slides) | IoT Services

"Operators' position in the connected car value chain is weak, and they need to find ways to overcome that."


Operators have various options for entering the connected car market and need to consider a range of factors when planning their strategies. This report outlines the approaches that six different mobile operators have used to enter the connected car market. It describes the most common connected car services introduced by mobile operators and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each profiled operator’s strategy.

Key questions answered in this report

  • How are operators seeking to add value to their connected car portfolios?
  • What parts of the value chain are operators targeting?
  • What are the differences between the ways in which operators are approaching the connected car market?
  • How are operators enabling the global provision of connected car services?
  • What are the incentives for operators to enter the connected car market?

Operators included as case studies in this report

  • NTT DATA (Japan)
  • Singtel (Singapore)
  • SK Telecom (South Korea)
  • Telefónica (Multi-country)
  • Telstra (Australia)
  • Vodafone (Multi-country)


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