Connected vehicles via satellite

22 February 2023 | Research

Alan Crisp

Forecast report | PDF (23 slides); Excel; CSV | Satellite Mobility


Our first edition of Connected vehicles via satellite assesses the opportunities for satellite connectivity of 'anything with wheels', including both broadband and narrowband connectivity.

This report and its associated data offers a 10-year forecast for the growth trajectory of all frequency bands used in satellite connectivity for six types of connected vehicle:

  • cars
  • buses
  • trains
  • trucks
  • first responder vehicles
  • heavy equipment.

This detailed market review is a bottom-up assessment and forecast of the current actively used terminals in each of the five geographical regions analysed in this study.

Key questions answered in this report

  • Which types of vehicles have the strongest growth opportunities?
  • What are the key barriers to terminal integration?
  • What price points are required for widespread consumer-oriented demand?
  • Which frequency bands are most desired?
  • How much influence will Starlink have on the overall market?
  • What is the future of narrowband connected vehicles?

Who should read this report

  • Manufacturers of equipment such as terminals and antennas, including electronically steered and phased array antennas
  • Distributors, service providers, retailers and resellers of broadband satellite services and capacity
  • IoT and M2M companies that are target land vehicles, including cargo tracking and vehicle analytics
  • Market intelligence teams at vendors that want to understand how their competitors compare with each other.


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