Programmable network platform: communications service providers’ progress and market forecast 2023–2030

13 November 2023 | Research

Joseph Attwood | Gorkem Yigit

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (15 slides) | Edge and Media Platforms| Cloud Infrastructure Strategies| Data, AI and Development Platforms| Multi-Cloud Networking

"Cloud-native programmable network platforms that span CSPs’ core, transport and access networks will become the foundation for networks as a Universal Digital Fabric."


Communications service providers (CSPs) are building programmable network platforms (PNPs) that enable applications to programmatically adjust network behaviour to meet the specific performance, latency, resiliency and security requirements of different connectivity use cases. PNPs will form the foundation of CSPs’ new revenue-generating services.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What are PNPs and what is driving investment in them?
  • What roles do cloud-native network clouds and edge computing have in enabling PNPs?
  • How must CSPs evolve their approaches to data management and AI/analytics to enable PNPs?
  • What progress are CSPs making towards implementing PNPs?
  • How much are CSPs spending on implementing PNPs?

Please see our associated report The programmable, cloud-native network: a target architecture for operators.


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