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CSP IP network disaggregation: understanding the vendor landscape

16 June 2021 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Case study | PPTX and PDF (19 slides)

"Network disaggregation is reshaping the CSP IP routing market and vendors need to fully understand their roles and opportunities within this evolving value chain."


This report analyses the propositions of selected hardware and software vendors that play a role in the telecoms network disaggregation value chain. It outlines these vendors’ relative strengths and weaknesses and compares their propositions in four key areas: disaggregation use case support, communications service provider (CSP) customer traction, ecosystem participation and cloud-based software capabilities.

Vendors included in this report

  • ADVA Optical Networking
  • Arrcus
  • Cisco
  • DriveNets
  • Edgecore Networks
  • Exaware
  • Infinera
  • IP Infusion
  • RtBrick
  • Ufispace


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