Fixed broadband customer satisfaction: consumer survey

11 May 2023 | Research

Oliver Bruff Erik Ottosson

Survey report | PPTX and PDF (31 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services

"Changes in customer satisfaction reflect the increased importance of price in customers’ decision making, as a result of high inflation."


This report provides data and analysis on trends in customer satisfaction, particularly Net Promoter Scores (NPSs), at the operator level since 2020.

This report provides:

  • analysis of changes in NPS at the operator level
  • discussion and analysis of trends in satisfaction with specific fixed broadband service elements (price, speed, reliability and customer service)
  • discussion of the impact of increased fibre availability on customer satisfaction.

Survey data coverage

The survey was conducted in association with Dynata between July and August 2022. The survey groups were chosen to be representative of the internet-using population in the above-mentioned regions. We set quotas on age, gender and geographical spread to that effect. There were at least 1000 respondents per country.

Geographical coverage

  • Western Europe (WE): France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK
  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): Poland and Turkey
  • North America (NA): USA
  • Developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP): Australia and New Zealand
  • Emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP): Malaysia and the Philippines


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