LEO and MEO broadband satellite mobility markets

01 August 2022 | Research

Vivek Prasad

Report | Satellite Mobility

This report assesses the ‘big question’ faced by the satellite communications industry today- what is the impact of current or emerging Non-GEO HTS satellite constellations? The report provides recommendations for service providers, and satellite operators to understand key messages resonating most with end-users to help improve their market positioning. The report offers a detailed analysis of both LEO and MEO orbits using Ku and Ka-bands. These systems by their global nature have the potential of bringing significant capacity to oceans and other traditionally under-connected regions – disrupting a traditionally GEO-centric market that is still undergoing a transition from wide-beam FSS architectures to spot-beam GEO-HTS infrastructure. Overall, the report provides business-critical insights and analytics for the how, where, and why of these LEO and MEO options and their influence on the 10-year outlook for Ku- and Ka-band Broadband Mobility Markets.

This report does not answer the question of “LEO viability”, nor does it provide specific market shares or projections around each of these leading Non-GEO HTS constellations. While these are other key considerations around the Non-GEO HTS market, those questions are answered elsewhere in our library of research.

Who should purchase this report

  • Investors looking to understand and spotlight impacts or opportunities for LEO and MEO services in commercial mobility end-user segments
  • Investors and financial institutions
  • End-users looking to benchmark their current connectivity roadmaps
  • Strategy, planning and business intelligence teams with satellite operators
  • Product or vertical managers at satellite service providers
  • Satellite manufacturers and integrators
  • Data analytics companies
  • Distributors, service providers, retailers and resellers of satellite services
  • Network operators


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Vivek Prasad

Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite