Maritime connectivity, 11th edition

23 March 2023 | Research

Alan Crisp

Forecast report | PDF (38 slides); Excel; CSV | Satellite Mobility


Our Maritime connectivity, 11th edition report offers valuable insights and analysis, helping industry stakeholders to understand market dynamics and capitalise on growth opportunities in maritime satellite communication (satcom) markets.

Focusing on the impacts from non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) systems, such as the new entrants mPower, OneWeb and Starlink, this edition explores the roles of GEO and non-GEO connectivity in the maritime satcom markets.

The report and the data is split by region and segment, and is further split into five vessel types – merchant, passenger, offshore, fishing and leisure. Each segmentation provides insight into in-service units, retail revenue and capacity demand. Overall, as more capacity choices come online over the next 10 years, maritime satcom players will need to have a carefully crafted capacity strategy in place to optimise revenue and meet customer demands. 

Key questions answered in this report

  • What are the major satellite connectivity architecture types?
  • Which region holds the most opportunity?
  • What is the revenue outlook for the maritime satcom market?
  • What is the growth rate of the maritime satcom market?
  • Which vessel market is moving towards the NGSO market?

Who should purchase this report

  • Satcom service providers
  • Business strategy managers
  • Maritime end users
  • Maritime satellite equipment manufacturers
  • Satellite operators
  • Financial services and other members of the investor community


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