OTT communication services in the Middle East: consumer survey

18 October 2022 | Research

Survey report | PPTX and PDF (12 slides); Excel | Future Comms

"Nearly 40% of respondents in the UAE reported using Etisalat-sponsored OTT VoIP app, BOTIM, in 2022."


This report provides analysis of the use of over-the-top (OTT) communication services in the Middle East. It uses consumer survey data to identify which OTT apps are the most popular in the region, which app features are the most used and what the barriers to VoIP adoption are. The survey was conducted in association with On Device Research.

Topics analysed

  • Communications apps that are used the most in the Middle East
  • Areas of growth in the OTT communication market
  • Features that are used the most on communication apps
  • Consumers' balance of their use of OTT communications with that of traditional services
  • Preferred channels for communicating with brands

Survey data coverage

The survey was conducted in association with On Device Research between July and August 2022. The survey groups were chosen to be representative of the mobile-internet-using population in the region. We set quotas on age, gender and geographical spread to that effect. There were 750 respondents per country, and 3000 in the region.

Geographical coverage

  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE


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