Satellite capacity supply and demand, 20th edition

14 June 2023 | Research

Lluc Palerm | Vivek Prasad

Forecast report | PDF (30 slides); Excel; CSV | Satellite Capacity

"The space industry is undergoing a transformative phase and NGEOs are gaining influence, the revenue landscape is shifting towards data verticals, and business and financial models are changing."


Analysys Mason's Satellite capacity supply and demand report is a trusted and comprehensive source for satellite capacity analysis. It offers essential insights into applications, orbits, pricing and revenue potential across 13 core regions.

Included in this edition are three quarterly updates, which will provide fresh information and analysis on key market developments that affect market dynamics and forecast projections both on supply and demand. These could include but are not limited to:​

  • a launch delay or failure​
  • successful or unsuccessful funding rounds​
  • large capacity or customer contract announcements​
  • price movements​
  • regulatory developments/initiatives.

Please see the associated 3Q 2023 update of this report. 

Who should read this report

  • Satellite operators
  • Service providers
  • Satellite manufacturers and launch providers
  • Ground equipment manufacturers and integrators
  • Emerging space companies
  • End users
  • Innovation and industry agencies
  • Investment community
  • Telecoms operators

Covered in this report

  • NEW in this edition – a separate deals tracker in Excel organiszed by region, segment and date that supports market forecasts for supply and demand
  • Comprehensive coverage of satellite communications market segments 
  • Analysis of traditional FSS and GEO HTS capacity in C-band, Ku-band, and Widebeam Ka-band 
  • Evaluation of game-changing non-GEO-HTS capacity in LEO and MEO orbits 
  • Pricing per region, vertical and frequency band on FSS, HTS and NGEO-HTS 
  • 3 quarterly updates to keep you informed of market developments affecting supply and demand 


Applications and verticals

  • Video 
  • Distribution 
  • Contribution and occasional use 
  • DTH 
  • Enterprise date 
  • Backhaul and trunking 
  • Commercial mobility 
  • Government and military 

Market opportunity 

  • Segment 
  • Region 
  • Capacity 
  • Capacity demand (excludes MSS) 
  • Capacity revenue (excludes MSS) 
  • Other metrics 
  • Market share 
  • Capacity pricing

Geographical regions

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Central America and Caribbean
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Middle East/North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Asia
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Atlantic Ocean Region
  • Pacific Ocean Region
  • Indian Ocean Region 

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Lluc Palerm

Research Director, expert in space and satellite

Vivek Prasad

Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite