Satellite Capacity


The satellite industry is changing and non-geostationary (NGEO) satellite communication systems are having an impact on business and financial models. The industry needs to navigate these changes to survive and thrive in the emerging market and competitive landscape.

This programme examines the threats, opportunities and changing dynamics in 8 verticals/applications in 13 geographical regions. Strategic insights supported by a large dataset provide a roadmap that satellite operators, service providers and other players in the space ecosystem can use to plan for future growth.


  • Satellite supply. Managing the upcoming competitive threat from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, commoditisation and extracting value in capacity sales and leases.
  • Demand dynamics. Analysing long-term growth in key markets and regions.
  • Competitive landscape. Navigating the new normal; addressing the threat of verticalisation and new entrants.

Questions answered

  • What are the current and future threats to the satellite capacity industry?
  • How can satellite players maintain and increase their share of revenue in the market?
  • Which technology and business strategies will enable revenue growth?
  • Which regions, countries, verticals and applications will generate growth?
  • How can incumbents tackle the threat of Starlink and Kuiper?
  • What role can telecoms operators play in the growth story?

Programme head Vivek Prasad

Vivek Prasad Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite

The pulse of the satellite industry: questions and answers for senior executives 2023