SDN in the age of multi-cloud connectivity: the case for a converged programmable network

04 April 2022 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (16 slides) | Multi-Cloud Networking

"The transport network ecosystem that will underpin multi-cloud connectivity is still emerging but SDN vendors should take lessons in market messaging from the open RAN community, which is further along this road."


This report provides insights for operators that are considering adopting new products and/or managed services to enable them to address the enterprise need for end-to-end multi-cloud connectivity.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What are the requirements for multi-cloud connectivity and how do these differ from the requirements for traditional connectivity?
  • What are the implications of adopting an SDN approach in the data-centre, and wide-area network (WAN) overlay and underlay domains?
  • How will cloud-native networking and a power shift to applications developers affect the development of multi-cloud connectivity solutions?
  • Which vendors are taking the lead in adopting this new converged, programmable approach to the multi-cloud network?

Today’s diverse SDN-based products do not address enterprise app-to-app connectivity needs across clouds


Source: Analysys Mason

For more information about this report, see the associated article Cloud networking promises to resolve multi-cloud connectivity issues but will disrupt the industry.


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