Telecoms transport network survey: operator investment priorities

22 August 2023 | Research

Simon Sherrington

Survey report | PPTX and PDF (16 slides) | Transport Network Strategies

"Telecoms operators are planning major changes to their telecoms transport networks that will disrupt supply chains and open up new opportunities for suppliers."


This report presents the results of Analysys Mason’s survey of telecoms transport network operators. It provides insights into the factors that are causing, or likely to cause, disruption within operator transport networks. It also offers insights into operators’ short- and medium-term investment priorities as well as into operator expectations for the deployment of a range of specific technologies within their transport networks.

The survey was conducted in 1Q 2023 and 2Q 2023. 36 operators responded from around the world, particularly in Asia–Pacific, Europe and North America. The respondents were from operators’ CTO teams and the respondents were heavily weighted towards larger operators. 

Topics analysed

  • Trends causing stress within operators’ transport networks
  • Areas of the transport network that need upgrades
  • Where operators are planning to focus their investment activities
  • The transport network technologies that network operators are planning to deploy 
  • How operators expect their transport capex to evolve.



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