5G network cloud deployments: trends and analysis 2H 2023

08 April 2024 | Research

Ameer Gaili

Tracker report | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"CSPs are still trying to figure out their telco cloud strategies, resulting in a slow 2H 2023 for 5G cloud-based cores and vRAN/Open RAN commercial deployments."


The number of communications service provider (CSP) commercial deployments of cloud-based 5G core and vRAN/Open RAN grew by 8% in 2H 2023 (14 new deals). 2023 was a year of cloud and 5G standalone strategy formulation and finalisation for CSPs potentially planning to move away from vertically integrated stacks in 2024 and beyond.

Information included in this report

  • Breakdown and analysis of the use of the four 5G core and vRAN/Open RAN deployment models: vertically integrated stacks and DIY private clouds of public cloud provider (PCP) cloud platforms and operator-packaged platforms
  • Insights about the key deals for each deployment model
  • Analysis of the leading vendors for each deployment model


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