Data-centre network automation strategies for CSPs

25 April 2023 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies| Multi-Cloud Networking

"CSPs must prioritise data-centre network automation investments to collapse vendor/technology silos and transition to an automation-first culture."


Most communications service provider (CSP) data-centre networks are not ready for the automation, programmability and agility requirements of 5G, edge and NaaS opportunities. Operational complexity is the primary barrier to data-centre network automation, which stems from vendor and technology silos, as well as fragmented management and automation solutions, including DIY/in-house tools. CSPs also face organisational barriers to data-centre automation, such as a lack of investment prioritisation and backing from C-level executives, an automation-first mindset, and the necessary skill sets.

Information included in this report

  • An overview of the strategic importance of data-centre networks for CSPs and the state of CSP data-centre network automation progress
  • An analysis of the key challenges and barriers that CSPs are facing when automating their data-centre networks
  • Actionable insights and recommendations for CSPs to accelerate their data-centre network automation journeys


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