Operator strategies for IP–optical convergence

24 April 2024 | Research

Simon Sherrington

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Transport Network Strategies

"IP–optical convergence has been discussed for years, but has only recently become a realistic commercial strategy."


IP–optical convergence has been attractive to operators for a long time due to the possibility of increasing architectural flexibility and reducing costs, but attempts have been hindered by technological, cultural and operational barriers. Many of the technological barriers to pursuing IP–optical convergence have been removed, and there are now several ways to converge IP and optical transport networks, with varying degrees of integration and openness.

This report provides:

  • discussion of the drivers for IP–optical convergence within telecoms transport networks
  • commentary on the barriers that have historically prevented IP–optical convergence
  • a review of three emerging strategies for integrating IP–optical networks, with varying degrees of integration and openness.


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Simon Sherrington

Research Director