Open RAN testing: challenges must be addressed before widespread deployment can be achieved

02 December 2022 | Research

Grace Langham | Jiachen Zhang

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | Automated Assurance| Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Open RAN networks are not cost-effective to deploy because established multi-vendor RAN testing processes are complicated and capital intensive."


Testing and integrating Open RAN is costly and resource-intensive, which is contributing to the slow deployment rate of multi-vendor networks. Open RAN vendors and operators could benefit from collaborative, standardised and automated testing processes to help to reduce the financial and operational burdens.

Topics included in this report

  • A common interoperability testing blueprint to support standardised processes
  • Collaboration and a diversified ecosystem to tackle testing challenges collectively
  • Laboratory automation and equipment emulation to help to reduce cost and accelerate deployment


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