Operator strategies for monetising public 5G enterprise services

10 November 2023 | Research

Catherine Hammond

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (21 slides) | Enterprise Services

"Operators should not wait for full network-slicing and network-API capabilities to begin offering higher-value connectivity services."


This report explores the difficulties operators face in monetising public 5G enterprise services, with a focus on commercial and organisational challenges. It discusses the need to monetise existing 5G network capabilities as soon as possible, as well as the need to develop capabilities that will support operators’ longer-term goals.

The current status of 5G deployment varies considerably by operator; only a few possess full 5G standalone (SA) networks. Some aim to use 5G to gain market share in the enterprise connectivity market while others anticipate offering complex 5G services to complement existing enterprise portfolios. 

Key questions answered in this report

  • What quick wins are available to operators to monetise enterprise 5G?
  • What should operators be doing to stimulate demand from businesses and willingness to invest from potential partners?
  • How can operators be confident to invest in more advanced 5G capabilities when future revenue streams are still uncertain?
  • How should higher-value 5G connectivity services be introduced to the market?
  • Which long-term commercial prospects for 5G enterprise services should operators be pursuing?

Operators need to develop technical and commercial capabilities for 5G enterprise services in parallel



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