Rural connectivity: new opportunities for investors

18 December 2020 | Consulting

Richard Morgan | Alessandro Ravagnolo

Video | Fibre Infrastructure Strategies

Richard Morgan, Principal, and Alessandro Ravagnolo, Principal, gave this presentation at Analysys Mason's tenth anniversary Telecoms Summit on 2 December 2020. This virtual event was designed to help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry worldwide.

The presentation covers the following topics.

  • COVID-19 has highlighted the need for improved rural connectivity infrastructure, with strong demand from consumers and policy makers
  • Full fibre networks will not reach 100% coverage, and there is a role for FWA and satellite in rural broadband provision
  • Mobile operators need new approaches to make rural network roll-outs commercially viable, which creates opportunities for neutral hosts and alternative investors

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Summit 2020

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