Fixed Broadband Services

The Fixed Broadband Services research programme provides detailed competitive and forward-looking information about the market size, potential and competition within the fixed broadband and voice market. In particular it focuses on price competition, demand for fibre, NGA and 5G fixed-wireless, and the size of the market opportunity for home broadband and associated services.

This programme includes detailed forecasts of:

  • FTTx coverage, conversion and capex
  • fixed broadband subscribers and spend, by access technology including 5G fixed-wireless.

Key themes

  • How to drive fibre take-up, including price positioning, speeds, installation experience based on best practice from operators worldwide.
  • Wireline churn and customer retention, customer priorities and satisfaction levels including primary research data.
  • Potential for fixed broadband growth in emerging markets.
  • Best practice for development of value-added services to accompany fixed broadband connectivity.

Programme head Tom Rebbeck

Tom Rebbeck Partner