Update 14 July 2022


This update includes historical data to 1Q 2022 for all European countries and Japan. New, recently reported financial KPI data has also been added for Brazil, Canada and Ukraine.

Update 20 June 2022


This update includes financial KPI data to 1Q 2022, and core historical data for the USA and Canada for 1Q 2022. 


We have made partial updates to the following core forecasts, taking into account 2021 full-year market data:

  • Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, UK and the regional total
  • Developed Asia–Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the regional total
  • Emerging Asia–Pacific: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the regional total
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, Zambia and the regional total.

These new results are also reflected in revised operator business services forecasts, and communications services forecasts, and all worldwide figures have been updated accordingly.

Update 12 May 2022


This completes the update of the core historical data to 4Q 2021 for all regions.


IoT forecasts

We have revised our IoT forecasts for Nigeria and a handful of other countries worldwide in the light of new data. These results are mirrored in the core and operator business services forecasts, and worldwide figures have been updated accordingly.


We have revised the exchange rate data that underpins all monetary values in the DataHub. The 2021 exchange rate figures are now based on actual numbers rather than forecasts, and all exchange rates for future years have been reforecast. We are now using 2021 as the base year for constant currencies (USD 2021 and EUR 2021). Full details of our exchange rate methodology can be found in the exchange rate download file and on-screen help text.

All forecasts have been rebased to the new currency, which will result in some metrics showing different monetary values. For most forecasts, we conduct the modelling in local currencies, so the differences will be visible in the common currency numbers, and the regional totals in particular (because these are necessarily shown in common currency: EUR or USD). For the small number of forecasts that we model in common currencies (for example, IoT), the local currency values will change from 2021 onwards.

Update 25 April 2022


This update includes core historical data to 4Q 2021 for Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and North America, along with financial KPI data to 4Q 2021 for all regions.

We have expanded our mobile market datasets for Belgium and the Netherlands to explicitly report MVNO revenue and the number of MVNO subscribers.


Fixed–mobile convergence forecasts

This update includes a new set of fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) forecasts. We have extended the footprint of these forecasts to include Canada, Norway and the USA (now a total of 19 countries).

Core forecasts

We have updated the fixed broadband elements of the core forecasts for all regions. In addition, we have added new market information to the core forecasts for Ireland, Myanmar and Nigeria. The worldwide core forecasts have been updated accordingly, along with the communications services forecasts. 

Operator business forecasts

We have completely refreshed the operator business forecasts for Latin America, and have added Chile as a fully modelled country. Furthermore, fixed broadband elements have been amended in all regions in line with the core forecasts.