European Telecoms Market Matrix


The programme provides comprehensive source of quarterly KPIs and metrics to size the European fixed and mobile markets, as well as the market shares of the major players. The metrics offer insight into a range of dynamics both within and between fixed and mobile markets. All data provided is directly comparable – we apply a common set of definitions to ensure consistency between players and across markets. It provides metrics for 32 countries in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Quarterly updates. Regularly updated data to enable subscribers to support a wide range of commercial and regulatory decisions.
  • 550 data series per country. Available in our DataHub.
  • An indispensable tracking tool. Market changes, benchmarking, and accurate market and business planning.

Questions answered

  • Telecoms KPIs. Overview and data on subscribers, penetration, revenue and ARPU. 
  • Market dynamics. How have operators’ market shares changed in the past?
  • Infrastructure. What is the current status of operators’ fixed and mobile infrastructure in terms of service take-up?
  • Retail and wholesale revenue. Which market segments offer the best growth opportunities?
  • Connections and revenue. What are the current trends in voice (narrowband, VoBB), broadband (DSL, FTTP/B, cable modem, FWA), connections and revenue, plus associated market share and net additions for each market?

Programme head Stephen Day

Stephen Day Analyst

DataHub enables clients to access historical and forecast data from the Regional Markets and other selected Analysys Mason research programmes.

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