IT and Managed Services

SMBs (1–999 employees) are dedicating a significant proportion of their IT budgets to IT and managed services, relying on vendors and channel partners for IT management. In 2023, SMBs will spend USD350 billion in IT management (24% of SMBs' total IT spending), and this figure is expected to reach USD445 billion by 2028 as demand for consultative IT support rises.

The IT and Managed Services module explores opportunities for IT solution and service providers, MSP-focused software vendors, and MSPs to gain a deeper understanding of SMBs' requirements for IT and managed services across various aspects, including different regions, verticals, size bands and routes to market.

We can provide you with robust fact-based insights into the strategic questions that you need to answer.

The IT and Managed Services module provides you with the following.

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IT and managed services categories covered:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
IT and managed services Product support services Computing support Network support
Security support Software support
Storage support  
Professional services Development and integration IT consulting
Process management  
Managed services Remotely managed IT services (other) Remotely managed mobile devices (MMS)
Remotely managed networking (wired) Remotely managed networking (wireless)
Remotely managed PBX (TDM and/or IP-PBX) Remotely managed PCs
Remotely managed security Remotely managed servers
Remotely managed storage