Earth Observation


The Earth observation satellite industry is growing rapidly, with a strong focus on minimising the time between data collection to insights and deploying emerging sensor technologies to address new use cases. Satellite operators, downstream service providers and cloud service providers must all actively develop a strategy to lead, coordinate and succeed in a market that will be worth USD13.9 billion by 2032.​

This programme will help satellite operators, downstream service providers and enabling technology service providers to create strategic roadmaps, anticipate and plan for market adoption, and target key verticals, regions and timelines.​


  • Earth observation. Deploying new satellite sensors to address new use cases and using available data to develop downstream information products and big data.​
  • Space cloud computing. Facilitating Earth observation data storage and processing, enabling dynamic satellite network architecture for service deployment, and promoting cost and time efficiencies.​
  • AI/ML/edge computing. Technologies that affect the downstream services offering and reduce the data-to-insight time to address specific use cases.​

Questions answered

  • Is Earth observation a target market for my business?​
  • Which verticals should my business focus on?​
  • How can my business capture market share?​
  • What are the costs involved?​
  • How big is the revenue opportunity?​
  • Who are my competitors and what are their capabilities?​
  • What is the main value differentiator for a market leader?​

Programme head Prachi Kawade

Prachi Kawade Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite

The pulse of the satellite industry: questions and answers for senior executives 2023