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5G: operator network roll-out challenges and opportunities

Roberto Kompany Senior Analyst, Research

"MNOs are under pressure to deliver 5G soon, but they must understand the associated challenges and plan according to their business needs."

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are under competitive and investor pressure to deploy 5G quickly, but the network technology options and use cases for 5G are more complex than for earlier generations of mobile networks. This report examines the challenges that MNOs will face when deploying 5G and presents a detailed analysis of the technology options that are available to MNOs to accommodate their business models and priorities. We also provide recommendations for senior management within mobile operators, including CFOs, CEOs and CTOs.

In this report, we answer the following questions.

  • Why is 5G different than previous generations of networks?
  • Which use cases are MNOs likely to focus on first to fulfil their market entry strategy?
  • What options are available to MNOs for 5G deployment?
  • Which technological challenges do MNOs face, and what should they consider as they plan their roll-out strategies?
  • What makes each spectrum band distinct, and what are the challenges and opportunities with each?

MNOs must invest in 5G in phases according to their business strategy

MNOs must invest in 5G in phases according to their business strategy