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The digital service provider of tomorrow and the Digital eXperience Index

Digital experience leaders are not leaders because of their size, but because they made a decision to differentiate themselves on the basis of modern, excellent customer service, and then expertly implemented this decision.

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Mark Mortensen, Research Director at Analysys Mason and Head of the Digital Experience research programme, discusses our latest research on the Digital eXperience Index, which ranks telecoms operators on the digital experience they provide to their customers.

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Video and podcast transcript

Hello I'm Mark Mortensen. I'm the Research Director for the Digital Experience research here at Analysys Mason. Today I would like to tell you a little bit about what we are doing in the Digital Experience research programme.

Operators today or communication service providers are looking to become the digital service providers of tomorrow. Very important doing that of course we know three things:

  • the virtualisation of the network;
  • the implementation of new digital services;
  • and the digital experience that the operators are bringing to their consumer customers.

This digital experience bar has been set by the Internet Players: the Amazons, the Zappos, the Whatsapps, the Alibabas of the world, and consumers now expect a very self-service focussed, personalised and omni-channel experience as they deal with the operators.

So how are the operators doing? Are they doing a good job or a bad job? That is what the Digital Experience research program is out to do. It is out to measure how well the operators are doing, out to measure and explain what the operators are doing to make the digital experience better in the future, and it's out to help operators and vendors figure out how to improve the digital experience. This is critical to them being able to raise their customer satisfaction scores or NPS scores, and it's critical to their survival in the consumer market of these very very discerning digital natives of the future.