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Service fulfilment systems: worldwide market shares 2011

Dr Mark H. Mortensen Research Director
John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

Fast-paced innovation and growth has returned to the service fulfilment market, following a slowdown in recent years.

Market shares

The service fulfilment market generated USD2.56 billion in revenue in 2011, up by 11% from 2010. Transformation projects, as well as new technology and service initiatives drove growth, which is returning to historical levels.

This report covers 64 vendors of service fulfilment software in the telecoms market. It provides detailed market share data on four application segments: order management, inventory, activation and engineering tools. It identifies the leading ISVs, presents their respective market shares, and describes and analyses their product and market strategies.

This Report answers your key questions:

  • who were the leading ISVs in each of the four sub-segments of the service fulfilment market in 2011?
  • who gained and lost market share, and why?
  • how did 2011 and 2010 compare?
  • why is growth returning to this market, in the midst of economic uncertainty?
  • what areas of investment received the greatest attention from communications service providers?
  • what are the strategic direction, strengths and weaknesses of each of the top-six service fulfilment suppliers overall and in each sub-segment?