IoT Platforms and Technology

Analysys Mason’s IoT Platforms and Technology research programme explores the activities that make up an IoT solution. We have developed a framework of activities that support an IoT offering, ranging from application enablement platforms to visualisation. In this programme, we explore each of these key topics to identify the different approaches, potential vendors, market opportunities and possible competitors to help telecoms operators understand where best they should focus their attention.


  • Connectivity management: The requirements for connectivity management solutions, such as Cisco Jasper’s and Ericsson’s DCP are evolving to include more than just traditional cellular, but also LPWA connections and potentially fixed and satellite. We explore these developments in the programme
  • Applications development and enablement: We explore the role that operators can play in supporting the development and enablement of applications both using internal solutions and through solutions provided by vendor partners. We also look at the competition in this market and how providers can differentiate themselves
  • Data analytics and visualisation: The telecoms sector would like to move into areas perceived as being higher value. The programme will explore their options for doing this, the solutions providers and the competitors.

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