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Sterlite Tech: digital transformation

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"The acquisition of Elitecore has provided Sterlite Tech with the ability to address new opportunities with communications service providers (CSPs) and position itself as an end-to-end service provider."

Sterlite Tech was founded in 1995 and initially included a power transmissions business. Sterlite Technologies initiated a demerger of its power transmissions business in 2015 with a view to becoming a pure play telcommunications products and services vendor. This profile provides an overview of Sterlite Tech’s overall telco offerings and strategies, with a specific focus on the BSS/OSS software business unit.

This company profile provides:

  • a company summary
  • a financial analysis
  • analysis of the company's strategic direction
  • product summary
  • an overview of significant customers
  • analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.