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IoT opportunities for telecoms operators (Vol IV)

Tom Rebbeck Research Director, Operator business services and IoT
Michele Mackenzie Principal Analyst, Research

"Operators face a range of issues when addressing the IoT market, from building awareness to building advanced solutions."

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IoT opportunities for telecoms operators Vol 4Volume IV: Our popular series of articles exploring IoT opportunities for telecoms operators. 

The articles in this collection reflect the diversity of areas that telecoms operators are facing with IoT – from horizontal issues such as technology platforms to domain-specific issues such as autonomous vehicles. However, as we discuss in our first article, operators should take care not to ignore the basics – general awareness of IoT and how it can be used remains low. This creates a barrier to adoption, but one that smart operators will help to overcome.

The articles cover the following topics:

  •  Our survey of 1600 enterprises 
  •  IoT platform and technology deals 
  •  IoT security 
  •  choice of LPWA technology 
  •  autonomous vehicles
  • Orange and Vodafone new consumer IoT products

Volumes I-III of these collection of IoT articles can be downloaded on our IoT trending topics page.