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Enterprise survey 2017: China country report

Terry van Staden Analyst, Research

"Enterprise customers' satisfaction with basic telecoms services is low in China and poses a significant risk to operators as competition increases."

Enterprise survey 2017: China country report

Enterprises in China are among the least satisfied with their telecoms services of those we surveyed, but are unlikely to churn. However, all three major operators are expanding their fixed and mobile footprints, which may lead to rising churn as competition increases. Operators must address current low levels of satisfaction among enterprise customers to ensure these do not increase rates of churn and reduce operators' potential gains in ICT services.

This report provides:

  • Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) and intended churn rates for China and selected other countries
  • data on usage of ICT services in China
  • discussion of the state of IoT in China and selected other countries
  • recommendations on how operators can improve satisfaction and increase their potential gains in ICT and IoT services
  • data on enterprises' usage of mobile and ICT services across China and selected other countries.