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Network function virtualisation: enabling the Internet of Things opportunity

Hugues-Antoine Lacour Manager, Custom Research
Gorkem Yigit Senior Analyst, Research

"Network virtualisation can help mobile network operators to address the scale and the real-time network demands of IoT."

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The development of the IoT creates new revenue opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs), but also poses a number of challenges to their networks. These include scaling IoT networks to the size of the potential market and the associated data traffic, improving network cost efficiencies and addressing the variety of IoT applications, all of which have different network requirements.

This report provides:

  • a discussion of how network virtualisation, and in particular the deployment of virtualised Evolved Packet Cores (vEPCs), can help MNOs address the scale and the real-time network demands of IoT
  • examples of MNOs that have tested or deployed vEPC in their networks to support the growth of IoT.