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Self-service portals for enterprises: adoption remains sluggish despite the obvious benefits

09 March 2017 | Research

Stela Bokun

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (8 slides) | Customer Engagement| Digital Experience| Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities| Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity| SME Strategies

"Although self-service portals are an important component of communications service providers' digital transformations – and can bring tangible benefits to enterprises – adoption is still low."

Communications service providers (CSPs) are digitalising customer experience in order to be able to effectively compete against over-the-top (OTT) service providers and create new sources of revenue. Digitalisation of B2B customer engagement is of particular importance for CSPs, and self-service portals play a central role. However, to date, the adoption of self-service portals has been limited among CSPs' enterprise customers. Operators should offer self-service portals to enterprises, promote them, and work with vendors to improve the current feature set and interfaces of self-service portals.

This report provides:

  • information on the adoption of self-service portals amongst medium-sized and large enterprises in the UK and the USA
  • an analysis of the benefits that self-service portals offer to both CSPs and the enterprises that are using them
  • a discussion of the key barriers to adoption of self-service portals.

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