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Collaborative AI platforms: accelerating the adoption of AI in telecoms

Justin van der Lande Principal Analyst, Research

"AI technology is expensive to implement, and sharing it with other vendors not only improves its quality but makes it more financially viable."

Collaboration is key for the development of telecoms-specific AI solutions, and provides the ability to build on advances made by web-scale vendors based on global datasets. Access to flexible data infrastructure and the exploitation of cloud-based APIs enable microservices to integrate precise insights for telecoms specific issues and use cases.

This report provides:

  • a description of the ecosystems and partnerships that must be considered when building AI solutions
  • an understanding of the interactions that are needed to work with different partners in various layers of AI solutions
  • information about the telecoms specific ecosystems that are available today and their potential benefits
  • an outline of the role of open-source projects in ecosystems.