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Marketing dedicated Internet access to small enterprises

29 August 2018 | Research

Igor Babić

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | SME Strategies

"To avoid losing potential high-value dedicated Internet access customers to FTTP, operators should appropriately market the clearly superior business continuity features of their dedicated Internet access offerings."

Following developments in the business broadband services market, such as the increasing availability of high-speed fibre and the removal of usage limits, small enterprises want higher speeds from their Internet connectivity services while expecting to pay less for them. This poses a threat to operators, as they risk losing high-value dedicated Internet access small business customers to cheaper high-speed business broadband services.

This report assesses the dedicated Internet access offerings of selected large operators around the world, and compares them to their business broadband counterparts. The examined areas of differentiation between these services include:

  • pricing
  • business continuity features
  • service latency
  • value-added services.

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