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Assuring SD-WAN and hybrid-WAN services: key requirements and emerging solution options

18 April 2018 | Research

Anil Rao

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Automated Assurance

"Hybrid-WAN services require monitoring across both the MPLS and SD-WAN sections, but native SD-WAN assurance lacks end-to-end visibility."

Given the infancy of the hybrid-WAN market, most communications service providers (CSPs) are managing with either the assurance that is native to the SD-WAN or that which is provided by the SD-WAN orchestrator. However, as the focus shifts towards streamlining hybrid-WAN operations, Analysys Mason expects that CSPs will consider deploying (or extending their existing) independent end-to-end monitoring and assurance solutions to cover the IP/MPLS networks and links, the SD-WAN components and the overlay, as well as the applications deployed in the private or public clouds.

This report provides: 

  • analysis of SD-WAN assurance requirements
  • a comparison of commercial SD-WAN assurance solution options
  • examples of SD-WAN assurance solutions/vendors
  • information on how probe systems can play a role in SD-WAN assurance
  • implications and recommendations.

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