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The future of telco monetisation systems: an evolutionary revolution

19 February 2019 | Research

John Abraham Hansang (Andy) He

White paper | PDF (17 pages) | Monetisation Platforms

"Billing and charging systems will be a critical part of future monetisation platforms; established systems will need to evolve to support emerging use cases."

The future of telco monetisation systems front coverDigital transformation is driving broad changes within telecoms operations as communications service providers (CSPs) continue to evolve into digital service providers (DSPs). CSPs have a growing number of opportunities enabled by the digital economy to increase customer engagement and revenue, but they are also facing greater competition and flat or declining margins. CSPs are responding to these trends by increasing their focus on developing capabilities that will allow them to swiftly embrace – and effectively monetise – emerging opportunities. CSPs are therefore adopting a multi-dimensional approach to transform their underlying monetisation platforms in order to improve agility and time to market, as well as to reduce costs.

Analysys Mason surveyed 100 CSPs and interviewed over 30 CSPs across all tiers and in emerging (primarily countries in Africa, Asia–Pacific and Latin America) and developed markets (primarily countries in North America, Europe and some parts of Asia–Pacific) in order to understand CSPs' strategic plans for the monetisation systems of the future. In both the surveys and the interviews, CSPs acknowledged the growing number of services that they expect to monetise over the next 5 years. However, most CSPs also recognise the urgent need to transform their monetisation stacks, mainly to support new use case and also to control the high cost of supporting existing legacy systems.

Figure 1: Key services that CSPs expect will drive new revenue in the next 5 years


This white paper is based on Analysys Mason's survey of 100 communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide conducted to understand CSPs' strategic plans for the monetisation systems of the future.

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